2016 was a year of the underdogs.

  • Leicester City became Premier League Champions after 132 years for the very first time
  • Andy Murray became the first British Tennis world number 1
  • Michael Phelps became the most decorated olympian with 23 gold medals
  • Chicago Cubs win the world series baseball breaking a 108 year drought
  • Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA championship
  • After 111 years Ireland beat the All Blacks in Rugby
  • Cronulla win their first every Australian Rugby League title
  • The Western Bulldogs Australian Rules Football team win for the first time in 62 years.


(Darren and his sons Hayden and Luke - pre: grand final 2016)

Hi, I'm Darren and in 2016 I was lucky enough to attend the AFL Grand Final with my family. Firstly I had Gerry Ryan to thank for getting hold of some tickets for me and allowing me to have a life long experience of seeing my team, "The Western Bulldogs" lift their first premiership in 62 years. Little did I know that the life changing was going to continue via my hosts that day. As part of the tickets I was introduced to some other mad Bulldogs supporters Jason and Sam. I had very little knowledge of their background, however after a few beers I soon realised that these guys had established a fairly significant online business called Bikeexchange. Jason and Sam had set up a number of successful online marketplaces and they were really interested in doing a wine marketplace but just hadn't found the right person to do it with. Both loved a glass of wine but freely admit they were novices in the category. I had spent more than 20 years in the liquor industry and it seemed like a good fit. Looking back that was the first day that Cellarspace was born as more than just an idea.

18 months on

We are ready to go. Gerry Ryan is our chairman and key mentor and along with his son Andrew we were now in a place to formally launch Cellarspace.com. A wine marketplace that opens up the finest cellars and brings premium wines into one marketplace where wine lovers can buy, value and sell their wines on a platform that is easy to use.

At Cellarspace.com we want to help you solve the most common problems you face when buying premium wines.

  • How do I know if a wine is a good wine? Most red wine gets better with some age.
  • How do I access aged red wine with confidence its been stored appropriately? Everyone online seems to offer huge discounts.
  • How do I know what the real value is of a wine online? People tend to buy more wine than they plan to drink and seem to accumulate wines over many years.
  • How can I sell these wines when I’m a private home? There are so many wines that I have never heard of.
  • How do I know if the wines I’m buying are from real wineries and not just a supermarket private label? Everyone seems to have medals and awards.
  • Which write ups and awards can I trust?

Cellarspace.com is completely independent as we don’t buy and sell wine. We connect you with genuine cellars and the products they sell. All our advice is independent and based on helping the wine community have a better experience with every bottle they buy, sell or value. While we are an online marketplace we like to think of ourselves as a people business and we encourage plenty of interaction real time with our qualified online cellar hands. We personally inspect and rate all our private cellars to make sure all wine is stored in the correct manner so you can trust the quality when you buy from private cellars.

Cellarspace.com connect consumers with premium winery cellar doors from all regions and even back vintages that are sitting in private homes from all around Australia. We really want to bring consumers closer to the wine experiences that exist when you visit a great cellar door or even when you open a bottle for a special occasion. All wines on Cellarspace.com come from real wineries and real winemakers. Nothing fake with these wines! We simply don’t allow listings that are not connected with real wineries because we believe that premium wine is more than just a label on a bottle.

Darren, Jason, Sam, Andrew and Gerry are passionate about the wine community and maintain that bringing people together is whats most important about Cellarspace.com. Cellar doors have great wines that should be celebrated but are often hard to find. Not any more! Cellarspace.com opens up all the finest cellars and the genuine premium wines in one easy to use online marketplace.

If you have plenty of premium wine sitting around and you are not sure if you will ever drink it , then put it online with Cellarspace.com and make some money. If you just want to value it then use our concierge live cellar hand chat service and we will give you an immediate valuation on your wines free!

We want our finest cellars to again be the pinnacle for the wine community as the most trusted place to buy, sell and value wines.

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