A Decent Pinot Noir for $25 or less??

November 20, 2019

Is there such thing as a decent Pinot Noir that will cost $25 or less? Jeremy's task today was to find out.

It is expensive to grow Pinot Noir and get the grapes just right and it is very hands on to make, you can't take any shortcuts.

The three wines Jeremy tasted today are all from the 2018 vintage:

Ninth Island Pinot Noir - from the Tamar and Parkers River regions in North Tasmania. Lovely colour-bright and fresh. Nose - lovely floral, space, red fruit and cherries. Palate - fine and dusty, vibrant fruit with a savoury aspect.

Stonier Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula. More colour than North Island Pinot Noir. Nose - OH WOW!!! So fragrant and fresh. Palate - mouthful of Pinot Noir for less than $25. Lush, vibrant and all the characters you want in a young Pinot Noir

Innocent Bystander Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley. Not as cool as the other two regions, as such, the wine is a bit darker in colour. Hasn't quite got the purity or intensity of the other two wines. Some charming sweet fruit but not at the standard of the other Pinot's tasted today.

Jeremy's pick - North Island Pinot Noir is delicious but Stonier Pinot Noir takes it to another level. And, yes, you can definitely get a decent Pinot Noir for under $25


Buy Stonier Pinot Noir 2018 here...

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