A Guide to Eden Valley

May 27, 2019
A Guide to Eden Valley

Where is the Eden Valley?

This small South Australian town is in the Barossa Ranges and occupies the south-eastern zone that forms the Barossa Valley. It is characterised by its rugged beauty and diverse topography and often referred to as the ‘Garden of Grapes and Gums’.


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The Climate

Eden Valley is one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine regions, with the Vineyards in the southern end of the valley being considerably cooler than the more northerly vineyards which are a higher elevation.

Eden Valley is considered to be a temperate ‘Mediterranean’ climate with the high altitude resulting in wetter and cooler weather.

Due to this climate, the ripening is slow, enhances cool climate flavours and ensures greater retention of natural acidity. The meso-climate of this hilly region is determined by the altitude, aspect and slopes.


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The altitude is around 500 meters at the southern end of the Eden Valley and around 380-400 meters in the more northern end.


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The Varietals

Wines produced in the Eden Valley are distinctive in their character, displaying wonderful aromatics, elegance, complexity and finesse.

Eden Valley has a wine making history dating back to 1847 and is home to some of the world’s oldest Shiraz and Riesling vineyards. Other grape varieties found in this region are Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.


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