A wine to surprise...

September 02, 2019


One of the most surprising days I spend each year as a wine critic is to taste the entire range from one of this country’s largest makers – top to bottom. It’s a brand we all know but one that most wine drinkers think and speak poorly about – but unfairly so in my opinion.

Why do I look forward to it? Because I’m usually thrilled to experience again this brand’s focus on quality and style. And, because of this, its wines are anything but the typical inexpensive Australian fruit bomb. Regardless of price, there’s evidence aplenty that their makers are seeking the elegance and balance you might expect from something rather more expensive.

This time around the wine that stopped me in my tracks is polished, smooth and savoury, a Rhôney shiraz whose pristine, vivacious flavours of dark plums, cassis, blackberries are laced with spicy, floral notes and backed by smoky charcuterie-like complexity. Underpinned by al dente tannins and artfully knit with undertones of creamy, cedary oak, it delivers plumpness and softness before finishing with charming balance and freshness. It’s a walk-up Silver Medal for me (17/20 or higher) and right now is retailing for $16 and (considerably) less. A steal.

So, if you’re looking for a springtime house red, look no further than this, the Jacob's Creek Reserve Limestone Coast Shiraz 2018. Want to know what it feels like to rob the bank?


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