Big Brand Cabernet for $10 or under???

November 20, 2019

Jeremy’s task today was to determine whether the biggest wine companies in Australia can deliver you a great Cabernet Sauvignon for under $10. The four wines he tasted are all from the vintage 2018 and are:

Jacobs Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon McGuigan Cabernet Sauvignon Wolf Blass Red Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon should have a lovely deep colour and blackcurrant, dried herbs, celery, vanilla notes. It should give impact at front of mouth with length through the palate.

Jacobs Creek - Delicious. A really good, well made, finely structured Cabernet Sauvignon.

Yellow Tail - Yellow Tail is all about impact. This wine has deep colour, plush, round, juicy and generous.

McGuigan - Not quite the colour of the others and a little under/over ripe. Bit too sweet, hollow, vegetable and jammy.

Wolf Blass Red Label - Lovely. Good colour. Good fruit. Not as pure as Jacobs Creek or oaky as Yellow Tail but it’s elegant, bright and clean.

So, can the big companies deliver a Cabernet Sauvignon Black for under $10? Absolutely.

And the winner according to Jeremy’s - Jacobs Creek


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