Welcome to Brumfield Winery

February 26, 2019

Winery open hours

Friday to Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Wine, beer and cider



Life for Brumfield Winery started just over 20 years ago for David and Anda Crothers. Long before they became an official winery, smaller wineries offered them so much. They picked grapes, absorbed the passion of those they met, and made small batches of wine in seriously humble conditions. Later oenology and viticulture study helped take the wines to a higher level. They lived and made wine at a beautiful property on Brumfield Rd in Healesville, choosing Brumfield as the name of their winemaking operations; the name has been a good choice and is very much a part of them. An opportunity to lease a cellar door in Yering allowed them to expand their dream of making wine in small batches and providing a unique, personal tasting experience. They’ve also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful visitors. From September 2009 they took the next step when they opened the new cellar door on their new home property at 539 Queens Rd (Cnr Beenak Rd), Seville. (Home, vineyard, winery, cellar door - all in the same place!) They continue developing their wine range, providing an intimate tasting experience for visitors. Their journey, however, continues. Their plans are to produce small batches of really good wine from their vineyard. House-baked sourdough bread, preserves and produce can be purchased to take home. Overall they want to continue indulging their love of wine production and share it with others, keeping it all small enough to enjoy what they do.... From 5 Oct 2018 their daughter Li opened SLAQ Brewery from their property doing small batch craft beers. - David and Anda Crothers 



The menu has changed to a very relaxed selection of small and large dishes that can accompany wine, beer and cider at any time of the day. Snacks, nibbles, antipasto and wonderful cheese plates. Relaxed, yummy food to enjoy with their beverages. They now also have a small range of flatbreads. If you love wine, beer, cider or all three, you will love their food to go with them.


Housemade naturally levened breads, handcrafted from organic / biodynamic flours, resulting in beautiful food. Their bread is available to take home and enjoy and also used in Anda's Kitchen's menu throughout the day. Yum!!!


Brumfield Wines, once only available by contacting Brumfield Winery, are now available at CellarSpace, View wines Here

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