How to Sell Your Private Wine Collection

May 24, 2019

You’ve carefully cellared your wine collection for years and are now toying with the idea of selling one, or many of the bottles, however, the sales process may seem daunting.
After all, you want to realise as much as possible for your collection and the time and money you have invested in it.

Why you may want to sell your collection:

  1. You want to update your cellar with new wines
  2. The bottles are close to peak maturity
  3. Your collection has grown too large to manage or you need room in your cellar
  4. Major life change – divorce, death, debts, downsizing, moving
  5. You are ready to reap a return on the investment in your collection

Once you’ve made the decision to sell part or all of your collection, the steps below will assist with ensuring a smooth transaction.

Steps to take to sell your wine collection:

  1. Take stock – write down the vintage, wine name, producer, and how many bottles you have. 1.Condition – note how the wine has been cellared including the type of cellar, temperature, humidity and lighting 1.Provenance – for some wines, having documentation of the purchase can assist with increasing the price 1.Pricing – do your research to determine what your wine is worth. Alternatively, contact CellarSpace and we can provide pricing guidelines including the average sale price, the maximum sale price and minimum sale price for that wine. 1.Photos – take photos of the bottle, including the top/closure and label conditions. This will allow buyers to have a visual of what they are buying.

Sell entire collection to one buyer or sell one bottle at a time:

Depending on the size of your collection, you may want to sell it as a whole collection to one buyer or sell it one bottle at a time. The method you choose will depend on your needs and expectations.

Whatever you decide, CellarSpace can assist.

If you want to sell as a whole collection to one buyer, we can assist with valuing your collection and connecting you with a buyer.

On the other hand, if you choose to sell one bottle at a time, we can assist with valuing the bottles, setting your adverts up on line and connecting you with buyers.

What does it cost to sell your wine?

Your selling costs will vary depending on the method of sale (auction, single buyer, many buyers) and who you sell your wine through. Some brokers/platforms will take a flat fee, some a commission and some both. The most important factor is to sell via a reputable platform or business.

Why you can feel comfortable selling your wine with CellarSpace:

  • When you sell with CellarSpace, you aren’t charged any upfront fees. You are charged a commission of the sale price, only once your wine has sold.
  • CellarSpace Private Cellars are audited for quality which means when you sell your products with us, you are selling alongside the finest cellar doors and private collections in the country.
  • You have access to our CellarSpace support team who can assist you with the selling process right from valuation through to delivery.
  • When you sell with CellarSpace, you are selling through a platform that’s been built to deliver an effortless seller experience.

If you are interested having your wine valued for sale, contact us at and one of our support team will be in touch to discuss the opportunity further.

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