Le Verre de Vin Wine Preservation Systems

May 30, 2019
Le Verre de Vin Wine Preservation Systems

How long does wine last for once it has been opened?

It depends on the style, varietal and how well the wine is stored.

Sparkling wines can last for 1-3 days if kept refrigerated with the use of a stopper.

White wines can last from 3-7 days if kept refrigerated (depending on what type of wine it is), with the use of a stopper or cork.

Red wine can last for 3-5 days if kept in cool dark place with the use of a stopper or cork.

Fortified wines can last for up to 21 days if kept in a cool dark place with the use of a stopper or cork.

Using a wine preservation system increases the life of an open bottle of wine or sparkling by a considerable amount of time with all types listed above lasting for up to 21 days with a Le Verre de Vin preservation system.

The team at Bermar have been supplying the world’s leading still and sparkling wine preservation systems, Le Verre de Vin, for over 25 years.


Why does wine go bad once opened?

There are two main reasons as why wine goes bad once opened. Firstly, acetic acid bacteria consumes the alcohol in wine and metabolises it into acetic acid and acetaldehyde. This is what causes the wine to have a sharp, vinegar-like smell. Secondly, the alcohol can oxidise, causing a nutty, bruised fruit taste, which robs the wine of fresh and fruity flavours. Both of these causes are chemical reactions, and the lower the temperature a wine is stored, the more slowly these will happen.

All wine begins to oxidise as soon as it is opened. There are a lot of red wines and a smaller amount of white wines that benefit from a short amount of breathing time but left in an open bottle the wine will rapidly begin to deteriorate as the air oxidises the wine.


How does a wine preservation system work?

The Le Verre de Vin technology can effectively remove the oxygen to a precisely controlled level and preserve the wine without any risk to its subtle structure. Still wines can take from 2 – 5 seconds during which time a precisely controlled vacuum is created within the bottle.

Sparkling wine or Champagne preservation have to address two key areas which are the loss of sparkle and oxidation. Preventing the release of the naturally occurring CO2 is key to ensuring that the fizz stays locked in the wine and any issue of oxidation is eliminated.


What are the key features of the Le Verre de Vin systems?

An unlimited amount of still, and sparkling wines can be preserved for up to 21 days after opening.

The process for still wines takes 2 – 5 seconds and 2 - 4 seconds for Sparkling Wines and Champagnes.

Fortified wines are preserved for many times their normal open life.

An automated process includes an automatic shut off and lights that guide the preservation process until completion.

Systems are engineered to operate in busy commercial environments and have a low running cost.

Wine never enters the system so cleaning is not a laborious task.

There are a range of systems to suit different spaces and requirements.

Long service, low maintenance.

LVDV Wine Preservation Products:

The Classic Le Verre de Vin preservation system has become an iconic tool for restaurants, bars and hotels across the globe. It is easily wall mounted, saving valuable bar space.

Thanks to its recent facelift the Classic is now available in two striking, contemporary finishes with embossed logos and illuminated nozzles which guide you through the preservation process.

Le Verre de Vin Classic system with dual preservation


With their innovative, modular design, the perfect Pod Bar can be created to fit easily into any bar, and they are flexible enough to allow extra Pods to be added later, without the need for further investment in wine-preservation technology.

The Pod Bar is ideal for on-trade operators looking to maximise their wine & Champagne ‘by the glass’ sales, for wine merchants and retailers to offer a ‘try before you buy’ service, or for discerning wine lovers looking for the perfect solution for their wine collection at home.

Pod Bar with dual preservation Le Verre de Vin technology


Compact LVDV systems offer a discrete under-bar solution whilst incorporating the proven LVDV still wine and Champagne preservation technology. Available in a contemporary finish with embossed logo and illuminated nozzles which guide you through the preservation process.

As standard, these units are supplied with the all the necessary fixings for an under-counter installation saving valuable bar space, although surface mounting is also possible if required.

Le Verre de Vin Compact system with dual preservation



The new Le Verre de Vin Portable Tower is without doubt the world’s most flexible, commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation system – and has been designed with input from globally renowned wine makers.

The Portable Tower is compact, easy to transport and doesn’t require any permanent installation – just place it on a stable surface and plug in.

Le Verre de Vin Portable Tower system with dual preservation


Le Verre de Vin Tower system can be configured to fit virtually any bar operation. Whether it’s a stand-alone, wall mounted or fixed to existing or new refrigeration to create a bespoke wine service station. The Tower range offers the widest possible application of Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology.

Le Verre de Vin Tower system with dual preservation


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