Meet the Winemaker-Andrew Fleming

August 08, 2018
Meet the Winemaker-Andrew Fleming

Meet Andrew Fleming, Chief Winemaker at Coldstream Hills in the Yarra Valley. Read below for his tips on fatherhood, his best family memories and making wine aged 13!


How would you like to celebrate your ideal Fathers Day ?

Brunch by the sea with family is a good start – good coffee and a hearty late breakfast.

If you had to pick one wine that aligns perfectly with Father’s Day, what would it be and why?

A lot of Dads might say a Shiraz or a Cabernet, but I say why not a good Pinot Noir.

Whats the weirdest Fathers Day gift you have ever been given?

Nothing really weird, clearly I have been looked after!

Whats the greatest hope you have for the future as a Father and a winemaker?

As a father, health and happiness for my family, as a winemaker, an on-going legacy for Coldstream Hills.

What similarities are there between being a good father and a good winemaker?

Trying to get it right, give and take and trying to adjust for all scenarios.

What was the three most important things your learnt from your Father?

Decency, fairness and a love for the Essendon Football Club!

If you could change one thing about fathers day, what would it be ?

Less commercial.

What is your secret to raising children?

No real secret – do the best you can, engender respect, good behaviour and a sense of fun.

What do you want your children and grandchildren to remember about you?

He was a decent bloke.

How did you become a winemaker ? what influenced your decision ?

I first made a wine, albeit undrinkable at the age of thirteen, so perhaps had an inkling for the profession. I was lucky whilst at Uni to spend time with the then Vineyard Director of Mildara Wines who did a great sell job of life in the wine industry. I took his advice and was fortunate to be offered a job at Mildara soon after.

What are your three best family memories?

Three sons entering the world, great family holidays and playing golf with my Dad.

Is there anything in life that you didn’t try, but wish you had?

I always wanted to be a pro golfer from a young age – missed the bus on that one…

If you could pick three people to host a wine dinner with , who would they be and why?

Stephen Fry – brilliant and witty, Clint Eastwood – that would make my day and the Dalai Lama for his wisdom and making it an entertaining evening.

If you had to pick one wine to drink before you die, what would it be and why ?

Hard to single out one wine, but it would have to from a great region, great vintage and with a story to tell.

Finish the sentence: “In my life , I am most proud that …….."

I have so far given my sons the opportunities that my parents also gave me"

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