Welcome to Zonzo Estate

June 10, 2020
Welcome to Zonzo Estate

Beyond the bustling hub of Yarra Glen, down a winding gravel track and over a vintage train line sits Zonzo Estate.



The Estate is set on 296 picturesque acres in the heart of the Yarra Valley with the Yarra River as its southern boundary. Approximately 90m above sea level, the vineyard was planted in 1995 and over the past few years we have revitalised 45 acres of mature vines, harvested only perfect fruit and paired it to a winemaking process that has encouraged even greater complexity and depth.


Caroline Mooney, Zonzo’s award winning winemaker, says “the potential has always been there but without the attention to detail and dedication shown by the Micallef family, it would have remained untapped.”


Our wine label was born from a simple aspiration — to bring friends the best drop possible. Perseverance coupled with a devotion to restore the Estate’s rich winemaking past has seen the production of premium quality wines.


Couple this with the amazing Zonzo Restaurant, where we pride ourselves on serving authentic Italian cuisine made from both local and imported ingredients. Each dish is matched with wines from our vineyard, which is best enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

So slow down, exhale and gather around our table. Raise a glass in celebration, indulge in the good things and thrill in conservation. Yield to the moment.

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