Wine Storage - How Important Is Temperature?

March 26, 2019
Wine Storage - How Important Is Temperature?

All wine is perishable and, over time, poor storage will have an effect on the wine's flavour and/or bouquet.

Therefore, how the wine is stored is an important factor impacting the ageing of wine, with the temperature being one of the most important factors.

It is recommended wines are cellared at a temperature range of 12-14°c.

Variances in temperature can cause rapid maturation and/or spoilage of the wine, especially where extremes of heat are concerned.

The storage area must be cool as warmer conditions will increase the rate at which a wine ages. However, temperatures too low (under 10c) will excessively stunt maturation.

Temperatures higher too high (above 16c) will prematurely age the wine.

For example, a wine stored in a cupboard, in an apartment with an average temperature of 22c, would age more quickly than wine matured in an underground cellar with an average temperature of 14c. Therefore, the wine stored at 22c will be best consumed sooner than the wine stored at 14c.

A few minutes in a hot car at 45c can cause a wine to mature rapidly; an hour would spoil it totally.

A constant temperature is the most critical factor in cellaring wine and you should ensure temperature does not fluctuate more than around 2c.

Fluctuations in temperature will increase the rate of ageing, and if sealed with a cork closure, will place pressure on the cork due to the repeated expansion/contraction of the wine inside the bottle.

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