Collection: Nebbiolo Wine Collection

Nebbiolo is a variety of red Italian grapes and one of the most commonly grown grape varietals in Italy. The wine has a presence of tannins that grow stronger as the wine ages. It leaves a relatively bitter aftertastes which mixes with other flavors of cherry, rose, leather and clay to create an intriguing taste experience. Nebbiola pairs perfectly with fatty and cheesy dishes like truffle risotto and wood-fired lasagne.


5 Dangerously Delicious Top Red Wine Food Pairing Ideas

Pairing a great red wine with the right food can be feel daunting but it doesn't have to stress you out.  To help you nail the perfect red wine pairing every time, we’re going to explore some of the most mouth-watering top red wine food pairing ideas that we guarantee will leave you feeling satisfied and confident.

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