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Authentic Wineries
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Retailers in Australia, own hundreds of their own wine brands and the ownership of these brands is never publicly disclosed. The brands look and feel like boutique winery brands, however, there is typically no cellar door attached to a small, boutique, family vineyard.

Sales of private label wine (the retailer's brands) have surged in the past decade, with some industry groups estimating one in every four bottles sold by retailers is a supermarket's own label.

At CellarSpace all our wines are supplied from authentic wineries and made by genuine winemakers.

Our latest Winemakers to join CellarSpace

Matt Harrop

Winemaker for Wanted Man Wines

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Leigh Clarnette

Winemaker and Founder for Clarnette & Ludvigsen wines

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Virginia Willcock

Winemaker for Vasse Felix

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Craig Stansborough

Winemaker for Grant Burge

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