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All funds for this rare collection will be donated to the Melbourne Zoo

The Story

In 2001, a very close mate of mine passed away from bowel cancer. He had a significant passion for the famous “Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz”. In honour of this friend, I decided to buy three bottles of the 1997 vintage on the exact anniversary of his passing.

The idea was to drink these bottles in my friend’s honour, but I clearly didn’t think this through very well, because I don’t drink wine! Nonetheless, on the second anniversary I did exactly the same with the next year’s vintage.

It’s now 18 years since starting this tradition and it’s now time to sell just one series of this vertical and donate the funds to a cause that is very close to my heart.

This is something that my very good mate would definitely have raised a glass to.

The vertical of 16 bottles has been kept in perfect condition and nearly all years have the original boxes. There is no 2000 or 2011 vintage because they were not produced in those years, due to the quality standards that Henschke has for this iconic wine. The 2003 was extremely limited and hard to find as the production was so small, however I was able to secure it as part of this vertical.

My aim is to ensure this parcel finds a great home and I can confirm that all funds raised will be donated to an incredibly important cause that’s close to my heart - Zoos Victoria.

Saving wildlife is not what they do it is who they are. Zoos Victoria is a not-for-profit conservation organisation dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction for a future rich in wildlife.

They do this through breeding and recovery programs for threatened species and by working with visitors and supporters to reduce the threats facing endangered wildlife.

Zoos Victoria is the custodian of three world class zoos all right here in our own backyard; Healesville Sanctuary, Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo.

All three zoos inspire animal lovers of all ages. And by strengthening the connection between people and wildlife, they hope to protect the future of animals and their homes.

With over 150 years of experience in animal care, they have the expertise and ability to keep caring for wildlife for many years to come.

This is something definitely worth supporting, leaving a legacy for generations ahead. Zoos Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation, so every dollar counts.

About the Collection

Producer: Henschke

Region: Eden Valley

Grape: Shiraz

Food Suggestion: Beef and Venison

Wine Style. Red - Rich and Intense

  • This wine is a true collector's item and is looking for the next owner to complement their already extensive wine collection.