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List a Wine

Your Wine Variety Guide

Red Wine

In this section, you will find wonderful red wines consisting of medium-full bodies with dark rich colours like purples, reds and sometimes a glimpse of orange in the reflection. Flavours like French oak, spices and liquorice are very common in these wines which allow them to pair beautifully with red meat meal, like steak or lamb chops.

White Wine

Full of beautiful crystal gold and yellow-green colours, white wines are light-medium bodied. Exotic fruit like mangos, pineapples and lychee are primary aromas, alongside these the tastes of vanilla, butter and caramel make these wines a wonderful cold refreshment on a warm summer day, before a meal or with a dessert.


The high levels of carbon dioxide within sparking wines allow the drinks to become fizzy and bubbly. These wines are wonderful cold refreshments on a warm summer day, before a meal or with a dessert.

Dessert Wine

Dessert wines are what we have after a lovely dinner. Their sweetness goes very nicely with the after dinner desserts that we like to treat ourselves with. The main rule to remember when selecting a dessert wine, is that it should always be sweeter then the food that you are consuming with it.